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Defend Your Company Against All Attacks.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the next generation of antivirus software powered by artificial intelligence (AI). EDR must be the foundation of a comprehensive security framework. When a breach occurs, it will stop most malicious attacks in their tracks. Ottimo offers the very best EDR solutions. 

Security Operations Center (SOC)

It takes the average company over six months to identify a cyberattack; this gives malicious actors ample time to collect data and plan a crippling –and profitable –attack. Ottimo’s network of top security analysts monitor your system endpoints, 24/7. Our SOC team will identify and halt a breach within minutes and hours –not weeks and months.

URL Protection / Link Blocking

We deploy URL blocking at the DNS level, preventing your team from visiting malicious sites designed to capture passwords or install dangerous software. Ottimo provides enterprise level solutions, so remote staff are protected when they work outside the physical office network.

Email Security

“Phishing” attacks account for nearly 80% of all data breaches. Ottimo takes a layered approach to email security. Our first line of defense is spam and malicious email filtering; this keeps most dangerous emails out of your inboxes. Our secondary, inbox monitoring system handles any new and exotic phishing email by preventing inadvertent clicks leading your staff to “spoof” sites, or loading malicious software.

Password Management

Limit the exposure of your organization-wide credentials. Create policies that obstruct employees' visibility to passwords, while allowing them access to password-protected sites. Revoke site access with a single click. Increase ease of access and security with features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and Biometric Scanning. Contact us to learn more.

Security Compliance and Data Loss Prevention

Ottimo can implement a security framework within your operation that complies with MITRE, NIST, CIS, HIPPA, SOC, and others. Create security policies and set protocols that encrypt sensitive information automatically.

Staff Cybersecurity Training and Vulnerability Assessment

Most cybersecurity breaches occur at the employee level. Evaluate your operations and educate your staff to mitigate exposure. Our platform empowers your team to conduct business confidently and securely.

Data Backup / Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for the worst. Data is the lifeblood of every business. In the event of a data breach, Ottimo's disaster recovery features allow your company to efficiently move from the compromised environment to a new one with the least possible interruption.

We Seamlessly Integrate with Your Company's Data Ecosystem

We Know that efficient business practicies are essential for a successful enterprise to thrive. Ottimo provides a suite of solutions designed to secure your organization’s data infrastructure without sacrificing optimal productivity. 

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